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Course Dashboard

The Course Dashboard is a tool for instructors and editing teaching assistants to analyze areas of their site for potential problems and trends. After importing from an older quarter, reviewing the problem areas on this page can be very helpful to highlight the areas that need to be updated for the current quarter.

How to find the Course Dashboard

The Course Dashboard is a link in the UCSB Tools Block on every course site in which you have the instructor or editing TA role.

Tools on the Course Dashboard

  1. Basic Stats: This area will shows basic details about your site. Clicking on the ? for each will give more information about how to change the settings for each topic.
  2. Course Comparison: This tool will compare the number of activities and grade items on your course site to other course sites in the same quarter. The detailed view shows charts of the activities and users by numbers of items for all courses in the current quarter.
  3. Possible Problems: Is the area that will highlight areas that may cause problems for your students whether because of incorrect dates or hidden gradebook items. For example, in the image above, there are 2 quizzes and 2 assignments that have dates older than the supplied date. On the view details screen, there is information about each problem quiz and assignment with links to each activity. The Gradebook Report will target problem areas in your gradebook. View details will highlight hidden, locked, or overridden grade items, which can cause problems when grading and displaying grades for students.
    1. When you click View details for any item, you will see all of the Possible Problems tools: Quiz and Assignment date check, URL Check and the Gradebook Check. The URL check will show any URLs on your page that are broken, whether because the website is no longer linking correctly or because you are linking to a missing file.
  4. Trending Now: Trending Now is also a block that can be added to your course site. It will show your students what files, urls and GauchoSpace pages are the most popular or have the most hits. For more, see our page on How to find out what is Trending Now on your site.
  5. Gradebook Diagnostic Table: This Gradebook tool will display an analysis of the Gradebook in your course site. For each type (categories or grade items) it will show in a table what is displayed and what aggregation method you are using. It also includes a link to your Gradebook Setup page.
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