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How do I communicate with my students?


GauchoSpace offers several methods for emailing students, including Instructor Announcements, Welcome Message, and Peachmail.  Other means of communicating with students include Forums and Chat Rooms.

If you want to allow students to email instructors or teaching assistants from a GauchoSpace course site, you can add the Email an Instructor or TA block to your course site. 

Emailing Students and Groups of Students


Welcome Message

The Welcome Message allows you to send a one-time message to all Participants in your course. You select the date for when the message should be sent to all currently enrolled Participants.  When new Participants are added to an existing and available course, they will also receive that one-time message. This is particularly useful when a student adds your course a week or two into the quarter and needs to know specific information about books to purchase, the format of the course, etc. The message sends out after the "Start Sending" date AND once the site is made available to students. A participant will not receive the message if they are added to the site after the "Stop Sending" date.

At the top of the Welcome Message page, it will indicate how many people received your message.

Once a Participant receives the email, even if you edit it, s/he will not receive another email.

To set up the Welcome Message, click Welcome Message, which is found in the UCSB Course Tool Block in the upper-right corner of your course.

Note: To send your Welcome Message before your course has been made available to students, check the box for "Bypass Availability" at the bottom of the screen.

Instructor Announcements

In every course there is a default Instructor Announcements Forum to which every Participant is subscribed. Only Instructors and TAs can post to this forum, and any post made will automatically be emailed to everyone in the course. The Instructor Announcements Forum is by default found in the top of your course site.

You can change the default settings on the Instructor Announcements Forum, like any other Forum.  To change settings, turn editing on and then click Update (gear icon) to access the Updating forum page.  See the Forums guide for more information about Forum settings.


Group emails on GauchoSpace are best sent through the Peachmail Block. Peachmail allows you to select which groups or individuals within your course receive the email.

Note:  Peachmail is for Instructor and TA use only; students will not see it.  Currently, students do not have a way to email each other in GauchoSpace, unless the Instructor creates a forum that enables all students to receive emails when a post is submitted.


Other Communication Tools


Forums allow threaded, on-topic discussion between anyone in your course. As an instructor, you can also specify which Roles are allowed to make posts in your forums.  See the Forums guide for more information about creating and using Forums.  

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms provide instant communication between all who choose to enter the room.

Latest News Block

Recent posts made in the Instructor Announcements forum are also displayed in the Latest News block. This block is located on the lower, right-hand side of your course page by default. Instructors can also manually add new messages to this block by clicking Add a new topic... Like the Instructor Announcements forum, Latest News automatically sends an email to all Participants in the course. Participants cannot reply to posts made in this forum.


Please note: embedded images will not display in instructor announcements or in forums. 

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