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Project Sites

Project Site Overview

Project Sites are GauchoSpace sites without an enrollment code*. All Instructors and Staff at UCSB can request a project site using the Project Site Request Manager course site in GauchoSpace. In the Project Site Request Manager there are four main types of Project Sites: sandbox sites, department project sites, extension course sites and restore sites.

  • Sandbox sites: sites for preparing a future enrollment course site.
  • Department Project sites: sites requested by a department or program to hold resource materials. Examples are sites for department hiring committees, sites for training department teaching assistants or sites to provide organized instruction for staff.
  • Extension Course sites: sites requested by the Extension program for their courses. 
  • Restore sites: sites to restore (archived) course materials from 2008-2011 GauchoSpace sites.

Anything that does not fit into one of these categories can be assigned the "Other" designation and explained in the request form.

How to request a project site?

All project sites can be requested using the Project Site Request Manager, which is a request form with mandatory and optional fields that will become your course site. All sites will come to GauchoSpace support for vetting. 

Using the Course Request Manager:

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter the Project Site Request Manager site
  2. Click Make a request in Course Request Manager block
  3. You will use the next 2 screens to provide information about the course site you are requesting: Full name, short name, course type and details about the use of the site.
  4. Click Continue to send your site request to the GauchoSpace administrators.
  5. After reviewing the form information, click Submit Request to send your form to GauchoSpace Support.

Once approved, you will receive an email with the full course name, which you provide, and the link to the course site. The site will display as "unavailable to students" in your UCSB Course Overview on your My Home page in GauchoSpace. If your site is not approved, an explanation will be provided. Generally, project sites are denied due to lack of information regarding the educational value of the proposed project site.

  • After you enter your new project site, you can add users. Please visit our page on User roles to learn more about what role you will want to assign to your participants and links to pages on adding users.
  • While training is not mandatory for those managing a project site, we do recommend visiting the Showcase Sites to view resources and activities that can be added to your new project site. You can also get additional support at our Faculty Resource Center in Kerr 1110, open Monday-Friday, 10AM - 4 PM.
  • If you would like to attend the GauchoSpace orientation, please visit our Training Page for a list of available training sessions.

*Courses that have enrollment codes should be created using the UCSB Site Creator Tool on your My Home page, visit our How do I create my GauchoSpace course site page for more information.


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