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Quiz Tips: Drag and Drop onto Image question type

The "Drag and Drop onto Image" question type allows students to drag words, images, or both from an answer bank and drop them into pre-defined blanks on a background image.  This question type provides students with a list of possible terms or images to match the blanks on the quiz image.

    1. After selecting the "Drag and Drop onto Image" question type, give the question a descriptive name to help you find it in the question bank. Students will not see the name.
    2. Add a description or any special instructions in the "Question Text" box.
    3. Choose a background image upon which the question will be based.  Click "Choose a file" and select a saved image from your local hard drive.
    4. In the "Draggable Items" section, add the answer selections.  This may be customized with several options.
      1. More answers may be added than the intended number of answer blanks.  
      2. Answers may either be entered as draggable text, as a draggable image, or a combination of both.
      3. Groups may be assigned to separate answer choices.
      4. Check the box for "Shuffle" to randomize the display order.
    5. In the "Drop Zones" section, select the words, phrases, or images in the numbered boxes. Then drag the selections (which will appear under the background image) onto the appropriate location.

    6. During the quiz, the students will see the background image, along with blanks for each area to be identified.
    7. Answers which do not have a corresponding zone (such as Poland, Sweden, and Ukraine in this example) will still display as selections to students.


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