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How can I sort submitted assignments by sections/groups?

If you have sections or manually-created groups in your course site, you can set up an assignment so that you can easily sort the submissions by these groups. This is usually necessary for allowing TAs to easily grade their own sections.

You first need to set the assignment to Separate groups:

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  2. Click on the name of the assignment.
  3. In the Administration block click Edit Settings.
  4. Under Common module settings near the bottom, change Group mode to Separate groups.

  5. Click Save and display.
  1. Click the View all submissions button.

  2. At the top left corner, use the Separate groups drop-down to filter assignments by section/group.
  3. If you want to download all submissions for a particular section/group, first select the group from the drop-down, then use the Grading action menu above and select Download all submissions. For more help with downloading submissions, visit: downloading all assignment submissions.
  4. For assistance entering grades visit: how to grade an assignment.

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