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Folder structure and organization in Box

Due to the 'waterfall' structure of cascading permissions in Box, it is very important that you plan out your folder structure before beginning to migrate or create files in Box. Taking time to plan your folder tree will save you time and hassle later!


1. Invite collaborators at the lowest level of the folder hierarchy possible

2. Give your folders specific names, keeping in mind who they will be shared with

3. Create separate folders for internal and external collaboration: i.e. drafts folders for yourself and your team and final folders with versions ready to be shared

4. Look through the documents provided by Box by clicking on the steps: 

Step 1: Check out this guide from Box on planning your folder structure.
Step 2: Check out this document provided by Box regarding folder structure best practices. 
Step 3: Check out this guide to optimizing your folder structure.
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