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Box Sync

Box Sync is enabled, however, we do not support it for the following reasons:

  • You cannot select different folders to sync on different computers as is answered here in their FAQ:
Can I sync different subsets of files across multiple personal computers using the same login?
No. Box Sync 4.x does not allow you to sync a different subset of files across different computers.
  • It does not support the file types listed here.
  • We have noticed it sometimes lags in syncing, so you may have to restart your computer to make the synced folders view-able. 
  • There is currently no desktop version of Box Notes, so Box Sync does not sync notes down to the desktop.
  • It is not meant for to be a upload tool, so it should not be used to transfer large amounts of content to your Box account.
As we have found Box Sync may have some limitations and may be confusing to some users, we (UCSB Box) do not officially support it.
If you decide to use Box Sync, we recommend you look over the documentation that Box provides on
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