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Mapping a network drive in Win7 or Mac OSX

Mapping Box to a network drive enables you to access Box similarly to the files on your computer or in a fileshare. The steps provided are for Windows 7 or Mac OSX, but can be adapted to your operating system easily.
Establish an external password:
To map box to a network drive, you must first establish an external password. You can set it to be your UCSBNetID password to avoid confusion, but it will not update if you reset your UCSBNetId password.
On a browser:
1. Log in to your Connect Box account from a browser, click your name> Account Settings.
2. Follow the steps to 'Create an external password.' You can set the same password as your UCSBNetID if you wish.
Windows 7:
1. Computer Start button> Computer> Map network drive
2. Select any available “Drive:” letter. 
3. For the “Folder:” field, enter:
4. Select “Reconnect at logon” if you would like to connect to this drive every time you start Windows. Click “Finish.”
5. At the prompt enter your as the username, and the external password you created.
8. Click “OK” to complete the connection.
Mac OSX: 
1. Finder> Go> Connect to Server 
2. Click the addition sign ‘+’  and replace server address with:
3. Click Connect
4. You will be prompted to enter as the username, and the external password you created.
5. Click “Connect” to complete the connection.
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