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Logging in and out of Box

Box uses Single Sign On, which means you will need your UCSBnetID to log into your account. However, if you are using a shared computer, it is VERY important that you completely close the browser when using any service which uses Single Sign On (your UCSBnetID). 

Logging in:

1. Go to: or type 

2. Press the continue button.

3. Enter your UCSBnetID and Password credentials.

To view your UCSBNetID or reset your password, login here.
Note: Do not bookmark the page which asks for your UCSBNetId and password. See this article for more information.
Logging out:

Click on your account icon > Log Out

Windows OS:

Select 'Exit' to fully close the Chrome browser:


Select the 'power button' to fully close the Firefox browser:

For all other browsers, closing the browser using the 'X' exits the program. 

Mac OS:

Select 'Quit Google Chrome' or press Command + Q to fully close the Chrome browser:


Select 'Quit Firefox' or press Command + Q to fully close the Firefox browser:


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