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Uploading to Box

Using UCSB Box, you can upload files of up to 15GB at a time. Here are a few recommendations:

  • For best results, upload one file at a time.
  • Internet Explorer has an upload limit that will impede a 15GB upload. We suggest using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for best results with UCSB Connect Box.

Another option for large files or bulk uploads:

  • The file can be compressed into a smaller file using a compression tool.
  • It is also possible to split a large file into several smaller files using similar compression tools.
  • Use FTPS to upload the file. You should not use FTP, but encrypted, secure FTP (FTPS) with Box. 

Uploading folders:

  • Use Chrome to drag and drop folders into Box. 
  • Use FTPS to upload a folder (see above). 
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