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What happens when I graduate or leave UCSB?

When you leave the university, you will be able to retain your box account by adding a personal email prior your UCSBnetID being terminated. This account will become your new 'username.' Your account will no longer have unlimited storage, but it will retain the contents you have already within it. You will also have a larger allotment (50 GB) in your free account due to your previous affiliation with UCSB than a regular free user would have (10 GB).

Please note that this offer is valid if and only if you add a non-ucsb personal email address before your UCSBnetID is deactivated. If you do not know when your UCSBnetID will be deactivated, please consult

Adding a non-ucsb personal email address

  1. Sign into your Box account
  2. Click your name in the top right corner 
  3. Click "Account settings" from the pull-down menu
  4. From the "Account" tab, scroll down to "Login and Email Addresses"
  5. Click "Add more emails"
  6. Add new email address and click "Save"
  7. Log into this personal email account and follow the confirmation steps outlined in the email
When your UCSBnetID is terminated a notification email will be sent to let you know your primary email address has changed for your Box account. 
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