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Can I collaborate with Box accounts not affiliated with UCSB?

Box makes it easy to share with everyone:
  • Sharing with another account: UCSB Box users can choose to collaborate and share with non-UCSB accounts by addressing their shares to the email address associated with the other person's account, instead of selecting an auto-filled name from the UCSB directory. 
  • Another account sharing with you: A user outside of UCSB should address their shares to your or your primary email address (U-Mail or departmental). 
  • Sharing with people without any type of Box account: It is also possible to share links to documents or files in Box with people without a Box account. Click, 'Share', and select "People with the link" as the access type when generating the link. Then, copy and paste that link into the email body.


Explore the "Start Here" folder on your box account for information on sharing options, specifically Steps 1 and 4.
You can also check out our guide on sharing and collaborating with UCSB users here
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