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How do I restore deleted activities or resources?

Once you delete an activity or resource from your course site, a link to your recycle bin will appear in your Administration block. Your recycle bin stores these deleted items for 35 days. After 35 days, the items will be purged from your recycle bin. You can empty your recycle bin and permanently delete items within it by clicking Empty recycle bin.

Follow these steps to restore the deleted items from your recycle bin:

  • In the Administration block click Recycle bin.

  • Find the item you like to restore and click the restore icon.


  • Your item will be restored to the same week/section of your course site from which it was deleted. However, if the entire section was deleted, the item will be restored to the topmost section on your course site. 

Note: Your recycle bin will only appear after you have deleted an activity or resource from your course site and the page has been refreshed.

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