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What do "overridden" items mean in the Gradebook?

What is "grade overriding"?

When a grade override is on, this prevents future attempts to adjust the value of the grade by any other means. Once a grade is overridden, it cannot be changed automatically. This differs from a "locked" item in the gradebook. With the "overridden" item, gradebook calculations and aggregation methods will no longer have any effect on the grades.

Why am I getting the "This grade item cannot be overridden" error when I try to grade?

GauchoSpace allows you to enter or edit grades directly in the Grader Report or in Single View. This method is different than grading submissions from within an activity such as an assignment or essay questions in a quiz. When using trying to grade in the gradebook, you may encounter the "This grade item cannot be overridden" error:

The most common source of this error involves Grade Items and Grade Categories. Users sometimes create folders for a grade item, such as a midterm, but forget to put the actual item in the category. Attempting to grade a category will result in the error you see above.

Grades can be organized into grade categories, similar to a folder. There is no limit to the level of nesting of categories (a category may belong to another category). However, each grade item may belong to only one category. Grade Items, however, are individual assignments, activities, etc. that are placed inside a grade category.

Overriding Grades in the Grader Report

  1. On your course page, in the Administration block, under Course administration, click Grades.
  2. With the Gradebook on the Grader report tab, click Turn editing on.
  3. Search for the column that you want to edit or override. Manually input grades into blank cells in the table, or edit grades already recorded for particular activities, such as a quiz.
  4. Click Save changes. A message summarizing the changes will appear. Click Continue to return to your Grader report. When you have edited grades linked to an activity within the course, GauchoSpace will highlight the cells in orange to show that the grade has been overridden.
  5. Overrides are triggered when you manually edit grades for activities such as Quizzes, Forums or Assignments, or Category totals in the Gradebook. Once saved, these items become highlighted in orange and will display "Overridden" in red text indicating that the grade is overridden. The override prevents further updates to the grade from outside the Gradebook.

When can grade overrides occur?

Grade overrides occur with several types of Gradebook activity:

  • Editing A Grade Category or Course Total
    If you edit cells in a Category total, the calculated column will be overridden and will not recalculate if grade items within that category are changed.
  • Manually Grading Moodle Activities from within the Gradebook
    If you manually edit grades in the Gradebook for an activity such as a Quiz, Assignment, or Forum, grades will be overridden and will no longer automatically update if changed from outside the Gradebook (for example, this will occur if a quiz is re-graded).
  • Importing Grades from a Spreadsheet
    If you import grades for an activity or category from a spreadsheet, the grades will be flagged as overridden and will no longer automatically update if grades are changed from outside the Gradebook.

In the above cases, the overridden grades can still be changed from the Grader report by manual editing, but the grades will not change if they are updated somewhere else in the course.

Please note that grades can also be locked, meaning the value cannot be changed even when editing is turned on in the Grader report. Locks are turned on by editing settings in the gradebook (see below) and are not triggered by editing a single grade.

When would I override or lock a grade item?

  • You do not want grades to change within an assignment.
  • You want to override a grade a student received on a quiz.
  • You do not want to change grades after a certain deadline.

What are some issues that may arise when grades are overridden or locked?

  • Overridden Calculated columns will not automatically update when changes to grade items are made.
  • If a grade is overridden in the Grader report, you cannot change a grade or edit comments on the activity grading screen unless you disable the override or unlock the grade.
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