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GauchoSpace Advanced Workshops for Instructors

We have several Advanced Training sessions for tools in GauchoSpace. Topics include: Assignments and Quizzes, Tracking Student Progress, Using the Gradebook and Building Adaptive Activities. For more visit our GauchoSpace Advanced Workshop page.

GauchoSpace Overview

GauchoSpace is the learning management system for UCSB courses and projects. Instructors will create the site, add course materials and activities and can also email students using the site. GauchoSpace is built using Moodle, an open source learning platform that is built by a large and active community of developers and programmers. To view examples of resources and activities that can be added to your GauchoSpace site, visit our Showcase Sites.

Accessing GauchoSpace:

GauchoSpace can be accessed from this link: You will use your UCSBnetID and password to log in to GauchoSpace. We recommend using Firefox to access GauchoSpace.

Instructors using GauchoSpace for the first time need to attend a one time orientation session covering the basics. More info and the schedule of available sessions can be found here.

Once you log in, you will see a list of the courses in which you are enrolled, as an instructor, teaching assistant or student. Use the dropdown at the bottom of the screen to limit what is displayed to only the current quarter's courses.


Building a GauchoSpace Course Site

The following is a list of pages that will help you start building your GauchoSpace course site:

  1. Create your GauchoSpace Course Site: See the FAQ on "Reasons you may not see your course site", if you do not see a course that you are assigned in the UCSB Site Creator.
  2. Manage the start date and change the layout of your course
  3. Adding Resources: Resources are the tools that instructors can add to provide information to their students.
  4. Adding Activities: Activities are the tools that provide assessments of student work, facilitate online discussions and feedback from students.
  5. Adding a UCSB user to your page and Adding a non-UCSB user to your page.
  6. Setup your Gradebook
  7. Check to see how your GauchoSpace site looks as a student.
  8. Make your site visible to students

Instructor FAQs

The UCSBnetID is a unique username that is used across many UCSB services. In order to use GauchoSpace as an instructor, you need to have an active UCSBnetID and password. You should be able to activate your UCSBnetID at this UCSB Identity and Directory Services help page. If you do not have an active UCSBnetID, you will need to get your department to either create one for you, or reactivate your old UCSBnetID; see this GauchoSpace help page.

Why a Site Might not be Appearing: If you are looking to create a new course site and you do not see it in your list of My courses and it is not available to be made from the Course Site Creator, it is likely that one of these problems has occurred:

To access courses prior to Summer 2015, instructors can log in to the archive servers using their UCSBnetID. The sites on the archive servers are for viewing only.

Sites from the last two years can be imported by the Instructor or an Editing TA. Note: If you want to make changes to an archived site in preparation for a future quarter, please request a Sandbox Site.

This help page will give instructions on importing and help you determine if GauchoSpace support has to perform the import on your behalf. 

When Instructors send emails using Peachmail, Instructor Announcements and the Welcome Message it comes from a no-reply email account until you make your email visible to other users:
  1. Log in to GauchoSpace
  2. Click edit my profile on the main page
  3. Under the Privacy tab, change Email display to your desired preference.
  4. Click Update profile to save your email display preference.

Help for i>clicker, Zoom, WeBWork and GauchoCast in GauchoSpace:

  • Zoom is an easy-to-use video and audio conferencing platform that allows for online meetings with screen-sharing and annotation capabilities. Instructors can use the software for holding online office hours or other online group meetings in their courses.
  • GauchoCast, a service supported by Instructional Development for uploading lecture videos. Instructors can add a GauchoCast block to their course site to link videos for student viewing.
  • i>Clicker for in-class polling, instructors can set up i>Clicker to integrate with their gradebook.
  • WeBWork for math assignments. GauchoSpace will allow you to integrate WeBWorK activities (homework sets) directly into your site. In order to set-up WeBWorK for your GauchoSpace site, please submit a help ticket indicating the course you would like to link to WeBWorK and any historical problem sets that you may need to access.
  • Virtual Computer Lab (VLC) is an activity that can be added to a GauchoSpace site for remote access to select academic software via the Internet. As licensing permits, software applications that are available in Windows-based Collaborate instructional labs can be used by UCSB students from any computer with a reliable Internet connection as long as a VCL has been added by the instructor to a GauchoSpace site. This allows students to make use of software without being dependent on access to a physical lab and without having to purchase software licenses for personal computers. The VCL service is only accessible through GauchoSpace courses and project sites.

Getting Help

  • Submit a Help Ticket - GauchoSpace support answers help tickets during regular business hours.
  • In-Person support - The Faculty Resource Center in Kerr 1110 is open Monday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm when classes are in session.
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