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How do I add the i>Clicker block to My Home page in GauchoSpace?


iClicker registration is not course-specific, which means that you only need to register your iClicker with GauchoSpace one time and it will be recognized by all courses that use iClicker. Students may want to add the iClicker block to their own Dashboard in order to register or update their remotes outside of a specific course.

Add the iClicker block to your GauchoSpace Dashboard (so you can register your iClicker for any class):

1. Log in to GauchoSpace.
2. Click the Customize this page button.

3. Scroll down to the "Add a block" block and use the drop-down menu to select i>clicker.
Your page will refresh and you will see the iClicker block, where you can register your iClicker in GauchoSpace.
4. When you are finished customizing your Dashboard, click the Stop customizing this page button.

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