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How do I add users to my Project Site?


Project sites are GauchoSpace sites that are requested separate of enrolled course sites, which are connected to GOLD and populated with students when the site is created. In Project Sites, users must be manually added. There are three ways to manually add users: individually, bulk enrollment by perm number/UCSBnetID, or self-enrollment.
  • Individual manual enrollment: This is the preferred method if you are adding a small number of users. You will search for each person and add them individually using the search box in the Add User/Assign Roles tool.
  • Self-enrollment (Course Crasher): This method may be ideal if all users have not yet logged in to GauchoSpace to create their accounts, and you want users to add themselves to the course site via a link.
  • Bulk manual enrollment: This method is used for adding large numbers of users and best used after a quarter has started. You will need a list of either all the UCSBnetIDs or Perm Numbers for everyone being added to the course.
WARNING: For Individual manual enrollment and Self-enrollment methods: All users MUST have an active UCSBnetID and log in to GauchoSpace at least once.* For new users, logging in to GauchoSpace once creates their GauchoSpace accounts and adds them to the GauchoSpace user database. *This does not need to be done for Bulk manual enrollment, as this tool creates the account for the user upon upload.

Individual Manual Enrollment

To add users individually:
  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  2. In the UCSB Course Tool block, click on Add User/Assign Roles.

  3. In the left hand box, click Add UCSB User/Assign Roles.

  4. In the search box on the bottom right, enter the user's name, UCSBnetID, or UCSB email.

  5. Highlight the name of the person you want to add by clicking it.
  6. Choose the desired role from the drop-down in the center (default is student). For more information on roles, please see this help page on assigning roles in GauchoSpace.
  7. Click the Add button.



Self-enrollment is a 4-step process:

  1. You must enable self-enrollment by activating course crashers.
  2. Provide the link to your course to your users. You can find the URL in the address bar of your browser.

  3. Your users will click on the link and see a page where they will self-enroll.
  4. Once they have clicked the button to "Join this course site", they will automatically be added to your Enrolled Users list as a course crasher and will have access to the site in whatever role you selected in the first step.

To enable self-enrollment:

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  2. In the Administration block click Users, then click Enrollment Methods.

  3. Next to Course Crasher (Student), click the eye icon to open the eye.

  4. Next to Course Crasher (Student), click the gear icon to change the settings.
  5. Next to Allow new enrollments, select Yes from the drop-down menu. Note: You can limit the amount of time a student is enrolled in the course by changing the settings for enrollment duration. You can also change the assigned role and have multiple types of enrollment methods.

  6. At the bottom of the page, click Save changes.

Bulk Manual Enrollment

To bulk upload a list of users:

  1. Prepare a list of UCSBnetIDs or Perm numbers for your users.
  2. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  3. In the UCSB Course Tool block, click on Add User/Assign Roles.

  4. At the bottom of the screen, click the link for Bulk Manual Enroll.

  5. Choose whether you are using UCSBnetIDs or Perm Numbers from the drop-down menu.
  6. Copy and paste the list of either the UCSBnetIDs or the Perm Numbers for all users into the "List:" box. They must be entered separated by a comma, tab, or line break. If you are copying and pasting from an Excel Spreadsheet, there will already be line breaks in your list.
  7. Click Enroll Users at the bottom of the screen.

  8. You will be taken to a confirmation screen showing your users have been added to your course site. You may enroll more users, or go back to the course using the buttons below.

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