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Adaptable Theme Changes

On Friday, June 17, GauchoSpace moved to a new default theme, Adaptable. Adaptable features an interface designed for easier use, better mobile accessibility, and stronger UCSB branding.

Below are some of the things that have changed in the new theme:

  • Edit Drop-down Menus: Adaptable simplifies the functions used for editing items in a course site. For example instead of having different icons next to an activity, there is now an Edit drop-down menu (as seen in the image below).


  • Blocks: This theme also has moved all available blocks on a course site to the right-hand side, but the instructor can still change the order of the blocks by dragging a block up or down. This new, two-column design, simplifies the viewing of blocks for students and instructors navigating the site.

Several features were also turned off either because they were no longer supported, were outdated, or underused.

Below are some of the things that were removed in the June 17 update:

  • "Easyview" grader report (screenshot below). The "Easyview" or "Gradebook" view of student grades has been disabled. Please see our page on Inputting Student Grades the recommended methods of viewing and grading student grades.

  • Unnecessary Moodle Blocks: Blog tags, Recent Blog Entries, Quiz Results, and Tags were all disabled in this most recent update. To learn more about blocks, including information on adding, moving and deleting, visit the Blocks Guide.
  • Grade History, which has historically saved for multiple quarters, will now only save for 150 days.


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