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Students: How do I view emails sent from my Instructors/TAs in GauchoSpace?

When Instructors and TAs send messages to students through Peachmail, Instructor Announcements, or the Welcome Message features in GauchoSpace, the messages are archived in the student's inbox.

Accessing messages from your GauchoSpace inbox is helpful when you are:

  • Not receiving messages sent through Peachmail and/or Instructor Announcements in your Umail inbox
  • Attachments are not coming through when viewing messages in Umail
  • You'd simply like to view all messages from GauchoSpace (for the current quarter) in one place

To access your inbox and view instructor/TA messages, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace.
  2. From your "My home" page, in the UCSB Course Overview block, click the view my inbox link.

  3. To view a specific message, click on the subject of the email.

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