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New GauchoSpace Theme

GauchoSpace has a new user experience, with an interface designed for easier use, better mobile accessibility, and stronger UCSB branding. The theme, called "Adaptable," was released campus-wide on Friday, June 17, 2016.

Adaptable Theme highlights:

  • New Log-in Page: Modern design with UCSB branding and colors and GauchoSpace announcements ticker.
  • New Course Site Design: The new theme features a two column layout, rather than three, for a less-cluttered view of course content and improved mobile access.
  • New Navigation Menus: A "My Courses" drop-down menu for quickly switching from one course site to another and a "This Course" drop-down to quickly access grades or activities.
  • A "Zoom" tool to expand site content (particularly useful in the gradebook and assignment grading interfaces)
  • A tool to quickly bring you back to the top of the page when scrolling

My Page and My Courses drop-down menu:

Course Site and This Course drop-down menu

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