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How do I add the Progress Bar to my GauchoSpace course site?

The Progress Bar is added to your course as a block. To add the Progress Bar block to your course, use the following instructions:

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  2. Click Turn editing on.
  3. Scroll down to find the "Add a Block" block on the lower left side of the browser window.
  4. Click the Add... drop-down menu and select "Progress bar."
  5. The Progress Bar block will now appear on your course page.
  6. When the Progress Bar block is first added, it will show "No activities or resources are being monitored. Use config to set up monitoring."

  7. Click the button for either "Select activities/resources" or "Add all activities/resources". In the first option, modules will only be monitored and appear as a small square in the progress bar if you select "Yes" to monitor the module, allowing you to choose what is shown in the the Progress Bar. In the second option, all activities/resources will be defaulted to "Yes" under the "Monitored" option, which will show all modules.
  8. Clicking either of these options will bring you into the Configuration page. To continue setting up your Progress Bar, please see the Progress Bar Reference Guide.
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