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Course Completion Settings

Editing Course Completion Settings: Reference Guide

When using the Course Completion add-on, a number of settings can be selected to set the criteria for completion of the course. Below are descriptions of these settings and helpful hints. Please see the links to these help pages if you would like instructions on how to Turn on Course Completion or add the individual Activity Completions.

Where to find Course Completion Settings:

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  2. In the Administration Block click on Course Completion.

Understanding the Course Completion settings

Each section of the settings can be edited to describe what you considered completed for your course. Note: if one of more of your students has already completed a criterion, the settings will lock and a warning will display on your course completion settings page. Below are the details for each course completion setting section.

  • General: The General course completion setting allows for the instructor to decide if ALL or ANY of the the succeeding conditions are required for a student to "complete" the course.
  • Activity Completion Condition: The activity completion settings allow an instructor to decide which activities will be counted toward the progression of course completion. Note: This area discusses how to select the activities needed for the recognition of course completion. Only activities that you have activated for activity completion will display in this list. See the Completion Tracking Settings for Individual Assignments help page. You must check an activity in order for it to appear in any activity completion reports.
  • Completion of Other Courses Condition: This condition allows instructors to designate whether other courses have been completed. For this condition to work, it is necessary that the other course(s) also has the course completion add-on turned on in GauchoSpace. 
  • Date Condition: This condition allows for the designation of a specific date that needs to be reached before the course can be completed.
  • Enrollment Duration Condition: The enrollment duration condition allows the instructor to designate a specific amount of time that a student must be enrolled in the course before this condition can be reached. This is similar to the date condition but requires a specific amount of days actually enrolled. This means that this condition is ideal for courses that have rolling admissions, where the student can begin the course at any time.
  • Unenrollment Condition: This condition requires that student unenrolls from the course before the course completion requirement is met.
  • Course Grade Condition: This condition allows for the instructor to set a specific level of a course grade that must be met before the condition is met.
  • Manual Self Completion Condition: The manual self completion marking is additional feature for tracking student completion. This feature allows the student to mark her/his progress through the course as complete in addition or in place of the other requirements for course completion. This can be helpful for student progress tracking through a course.
  • Manual Completion by Others Condition: This setting is an additional feature for tracking student completion. This feature allows the instructor to mark a student's progress through the course as complete in addition or in place of the other requirements for course completion. Note: Once a student has been marked as complete by an instructor, it cannot be easily unmarked. In order to un-mark this, the condition has to be reset in the course completion settings and any students that have been correctly marked as complete, will need to be marked again.
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