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Course Completion Block

The Course Completion block allows both instructors and students to easily access the report of their course completion. Without this block, students do not have a way to view the detailed view of their completion status. Note: Instructors and Students will see different information in the Course Completion block.


Course Completion Block for Instructors

When the course completion block is added, instructors will be able to review the class report related to course completion. Click View course report to see student progress or manually add completion marks. Go to the Tracking Student Progress Using Course Completion help page for more information on monitoring student progress on course completion.


Course Completion Block for Students

When the course completion block is added, students will be able to more easily monitor their completion progress in the course. Below is an example of what the Course Completion Block looks like for a student that has completed seven activities and has been manually marked as complete by the instructor. Because the general settings for the course completion have been set to require All conditions be met, the student's status is still In progress. Instructors are able to change this general setting - please see the Course Completion Settings help page for more information on setting the conditions for course completion.



Students can then click on "More details" to see more information (image below), such as what the criteria for assignment completion was and what date the activity was completed. Only those assignment that have activity completion activated will show in this list and have checkboxes on the home page. Please see Activity Completion Settings for more details on changing these settings.



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