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How do I submit my grades to eGrades?

Final grades for the quarter are submitted in eGrades, a program of the UCSB Registrar. Additional pages on submitting can be found on the Registrar's General Staff and Faculty Resources Page.

Since grades can be calculated in GauchoSpace, the information below gives information on formats for uploading your grade file into eGrades. For additional information or support, please see our Gradebook Assistance and Training page.

Please note, you will need to finalize your gradebook calculations and come to a final Course Total for these methods to be most effective. See our Gradebook Setup documents for more assistance.

Uploading Grades into eGrades

Method 1, if you have your eGrades Classlist

  1. Log in to eGrades with your UCSBnetID and password and download a classlist for your class.
  2. Save this eGrades Classlist file on your computer with the same file name.
  3. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  4. In the Administration Block, click Grades.
  5. Click the Export tab. This will take you to the default tab (Excel) to export.
  6. De-select everything but the Course Total.
  7. Under Export format options, choose Letter. Note: Letter grades are what is required for eGrades.
  8. Click Download.
  9. Open the spreadsheet you downloaded from GauchoSpace gradebook and open your eGrades Classlist spreadsheet, arrange the students in the same order for both files.
  10. Copy the Course Total grades from your GauchoSpace gradebook spreadsheet and paste it into the grade column of the eGrades Classlist spreadsheet.
  11. Save the file as a CSV (.csv, Comma Separated Values) and return to eGrades to import the grades.

Method 2, if you are using your GauchoSpace Gradebook spreadsheet


  1. Use this method if you have already downloaded a spreadsheet from your GauchoSpace gradebook with only the Course Total as a letter grade. See instructions (steps 3-8) above for more information on exporting (downloading a gradebook spreadsheet).
  2. You will need to rename and rearrange the following columns before uploading to eGrades:
    1. eGrades column order: Enroll Code, Perm Number, Grade, and Units (if this is a variable unit course).
    2. Note: the import will ignore all columns after the first four above.
  3. After you have made these changes, save the file as as a CSV (.csv, Comma Separated Values) and return to eGrades to import the grades.

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