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Quiz Tips: How to create multiple choice quiz questions using Word

You can easily create multiple-choice quiz questions using Microsoft Word, then import the questions into GauchoSpace, provided the questions are written in a specific format.


Compose your quiz questions using Word

The questions must be written following these format guidelines:

  • Each question must be on one line.
  • Each answer must start with a single uppercase letter, followed by a period "." or a right parenthesis ")", then a space.
  • The answer line must immediately follow, starting with "ANSWER: " (with a space after the colon) and then giving the letter for the correct answer. The word "ANSWER" and the answer letters (A,B,C etc.) must be capitalized
  • An empty line must separate each question.

Here are two example problems using an appropriate format:

Who was the author of The Iliad?
A. Dante
B. Virgil
C. Homer
D. Edgar Allan Poe

What is the UCSB mascot?
A) a bear
B) the Bruin
C) the banana slug
D) the Gaucho

Save the document in a format to be uploaded to GauchoSpace

Once you have a document with all of your questions, you need to save it in a format that can be uploaded to GauchoSpace, specifically Unicode UTF-8 format.

In Word, go to File < Save As… and in the Format drop-down, select Plain Text (.txt).


Under other formats, choose Unicode UTF-8.



Upload to GauchoSpace

Once you have the file saved as a UTF-8-formatted .txt file, you are able to import it into the question bank in GauchoSpace by doing the following:

      1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
      2. In the Administration block expand the Question bank section and click Import. 
      3. On the quiz question import page, choose Aiken format, then upload your file.
        • If you have already added categories to your question bank, you can import your questions into a specific category by expanding the General tab and selecting that category from the Import category drop-down menu.
      4. Click Import.

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