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GauchoSpace has many features and activities that are available to instructors and students. The sites on this page are open to all UCSB users to explore and learn about the activities and resources that you can add to GauchoSpace to support student learning.

When you click on the image or link for each format type, you will immediately enter the site as a Guest. The Guest permissions have been adjusted to allow users to view items, including the User Reports (the student's view of the gradebook) for the test students, view Peachmail and all of the activities. Note: please do not send Peachmail messages from within the showcase sites.

The showcase sites have the same information, but demonstrate the four available course formats. A course format is the layout of your course. You can select the course format by going to the Administration block -> Course Administration -> Edit Settings. Scroll down to the “Course format” section.

To learn more about which format is best for your class, visit: Best Practices: Course Formats - Options for Your Site Layout.

Each course site also demonstrates an available aggregation method for the gradebook. To learn more about setting up the Gradebook, visit our Gradebook Help Section.

Weekly Format

The default option is the Weekly format. Each week is displayed vertically and you add materials to the section under the week heading.

Weekly format highlights the current week of your course.

Gradebook Example: This format also features an example of the Natural Aggregation method.

Enter the Weekly Format course site as a Guest.

Topics Format

The Topics format displays your course by topic, where you can provide titles for each topic.

In the Topics format, you can add content such as forums, quizzes, and assignments to each topic section. You do not have to specify start dates and can rename the Topics headings.

Enter the Topics Format course site as a Guest.

OneWeek Format

The Oneweek format shows each week as a tab. This format highlights the current week with a green dot.

Enter the Oneweek Format course site as a Guest.

OneTopic Format

The Onetopic format shows each topic as a tab. You can select which topic is in focus.

Enter the Onetopic Format course site as a Guest.

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