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Gradebook Settings - Exclude empty grades

The gradebook includes a category setting for Exclude empty grades (in previous versions of GauchoSpace, this was referred to as Aggregate only non-empty grades). The default setting for this will now be not set (previously this was set, however it did not function when using sum of grades).
You can access the setting by clicking on the Edit settings icon for a specific category on the gradebook setup page.

Both settings have specific advantages and disadvantages that instructors should be aware of when deciding on how best to set up their gradebooks:
Exclude empty grades (yes/checked)
If exclude empty grades is set to yes, empty grades in a category will not be calculated as part of the category total.
This setting will allow students to see their current grade in a course based on the assignments they have completed thus far. This setting is often more beneficial for students; however, it requires instructors to more actively manage their gradebook by making sure to insert zeros for assignments or activities that were not completed by a student.
Exclude empty grades (no/unchecked)
If exclude empty grades is not set, empty grades in a category will be calculated as zeros for the category total.
This setting allows instructors to do nothing if an assignment or activity is not submitted by a student; the instructor can leave the grade empty and it will calculate as a zero. The main drawback with using this setting is that students may not be able  to track their progress in the course as easily during the quarter, since calculated grades will include zeros for any future, yet-to-be completed assignments or activities.
Note: if this setting is selected, instructors will likely want to hide their category and/or course totals until all grades have been entered.
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