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Inputting Grades into the Gradebook

There are four main options for entering grades in your GauchoSpace gradebook:

Single view - Enter grades for all students for a grade item, or edit all of the items for one individual

When to use this option: This is the most common method for inputting grades; it will let you grade multiple students on the same page, or you can grade all of the items for an individual student. You can use this option for all items in the gradebook, but if it is an interactive graded activity such as an assignment, you will usually want to grade it via the activity itself (see below).

How to get there: You can access Quick edit as a page in the gradebook. From the main page, click on Grades in the Administration block. Click on the View tab at the top of the page. Then click on the Single view tab. Once in Single view, you can select from the drop-down menu under “Grade items" or "Users." This will bring you to grading page for that item or user. After entering grades, make sure to click Update at the bottom of the page before leaving the page.

For step-by-step instructions on inputting using Single View, click here.


Enter grades directly in the Grader Report

When to use this option: If you don't have a lot of students or you just need to edit a few grades in the gradebook this can be a quick, simple means of entering scores.

How to get there: Directly in the grader report view of the gradebook. From the main page, click on Grades in the Administration block, then if necessary, click Grader report. Here, you can enter grades - just click turn editing on, enter grades in the appropriate boxes, then click update at the bottom.


Upload a Spreadsheet in the Gradebook

When to use this option: if you want to work offline, then upload a single file when you’re ready to enter grades; or if you are generally used to recording grades in a spreadsheet.

How to get there: You should start with a spreadsheet exported from the GauchoSpace gradebook. Click on the Export tab at the top of the page to export an Excel spreadsheet, deciding whether to include the already-created grade items in your site. You can save the file offline and input grades there, then when you are ready, you can upload it by clicking on the Import tab in the gradebook.

For step-by-step instructions on uploading a gradebook spreadsheet, click here.


Grade in an Interactive Activity, such as an Assignment

When to use this option: If you have an interactive activity that students will be completing/submitting on GauchoSpace, such as an assignment.

Click here for more information about how activities such as assignments interact with the gradebook.

How to get there: For an Assignment activity, you can access the assignment grading interface by entering the assignment itself, either through the main page of the site, or by clicking the assignment name in the gradebook. In the assignment, you should see a View/grade all submissions hyperlink. Click on this and you’ll be enter the assignment grading page. From here, you can enter grades and upload feedback for students.

For step-by-step instructions on grading an assignment, click here.

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