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How can I add extra credit in the gradebook?

Using the new Natural aggregation method makes adding extra credit in the gradebook easy. Here are a few different scenarios for adding extra credit items.

Natural aggregation with item weights unadjusted

In this scenario just add an item with the desired number of extra credit points, then mark it as extra credit and and it will add these additional points to the total score. For example, if I want to add an extra credit item worth 20 points, I just need to add an item of that value and set it to extra credit. This can be useful if you just want to add points to an unweighted category.

Natural aggregation with item weights adjusted

How do I add an extra credit item whose weight is equal to another assignment, e.g. an extra credit item that is equivalent to a weekly response item?
Set the extra credit item to have the same weight and the same points as the item in question (e.g., set the extra credit item to look exactly the same as the weekly reading response item).
How do I add an item of extra credit that will add a certain number of points out of 100 (or the total percentage) onto the total score?
Add an item set to the same points AND the same weight as the amount of percentage points you wish to add onto the total score - e.g. if I want to add a possible two extra percentage points to the total percentage, I should add an item worth two points and a weight of 2.0.

Converting a normal grade item into extra credit

Some instructors may wish to simply change an existing gradebook item to count as extra credit for students. To do so,

  1. Under the Administration block, go to Gradebook setup
  2. In the Actions column, click Edit on the grade item that you wish to make extra credit.
  3. Check the box for Extra Credit.
  4. Optional: you can adjust the weight of the item to count as more or less than the original assignment toward the students’ final grades.
  5. Save changes.

This item should now only help students if they complete it and will not hurt their grade if they do not complete the item.

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