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How do I add a quiz to my GauchoSpace course site?

Adding and Setting up a Quiz:

  • Add a Quiz activity: These steps will create the shell for your quiz, which you will then need to fill with questions.
  • Creating a Question Bank: The Question Bank is a database of questions that can be organized by category. Questions can be shared with your own and other instructor's courses. These steps will show you how to set up the Question Bank by creating categories, how to add new questions and how to manage existing questions.
  • Adding a new Question: After you have set up your quiz, you will need to add questions to fill the quiz. These steps will show you how to add new questions, random questions and questions from your Question Bank to your quiz.
  • Preview the Quiz: After you have set up your quiz, you can view the quiz as if it were a student taking a Quiz.
  • Grading and reviewing quiz results: One of the best features of the Quiz Module is that most of the grading is done automatically for instructors, and results are sent to the Gradebook at the same time. The one exception to automatic grading is the Essay question type, which requires an authorized user (e.g., instructor, teaching assistant, or grader) to provide a grade. However, occasionally, instructors may need to review the results of student Quiz attempts for other purposes.

Add a Quiz Activity

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  2. Click Turn editing on in the upper-right corner.
  3. In the topic or week block where you would like to place the assignment, click Add an activity or a resource and choose Quiz.
  4. The Name field is required for this activity. This is the name your students will see on your course site and will be the name of the item in your Gradebook.
  5. Calibrate the settings for your Quiz. To learn more about the settings, visit the Quiz Reference Guide. You will have the choice to change the Maximum Grade when adding questions to the quiz.
  6. Click Save and return to course or Save and display to continue to adding questions to your quiz.

Creating a Question Bank

Create Question Categories

GauchoSpace allows you to create categories within the Question Bank in order to organize questions. A “default” category is created for each course to allow instructors to begin adding questions quickly. Categories can be used to create separate pools from which questions are randomly selected to create unique Quizzes for each student. Question categories can also be set up to distinguish between separate Quizzes (e.g., Quiz 1, Quiz 2, Midterm, Final), or subject categories (e.g., History, Geography Demographics, etc.; or Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.).

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace.
  2. In the Administration block, select Question Bank and click Categories from the sub-menu.
  3. In the Add category section, choose a Parent category from the dropdown menu.
    • The parent category setting allows for the hierarchical ordering of question categories. If you select an existing category, the new category will be created inside this parent. If you select Top, the question category will not be contained in any other category.
  4. Specify a title for the question category in the Name box.
  5. Optionally, specify more detailed information about the questions contained within a question category in the Category info textbox.
  6. Click Add category.

Adding Questions to your Question Bank

  1. In the Administration block, select Question Bank and click Questions.
  2. Select a category in which to place the question.
  3. Next, select a question type. As you click on each question type, you will see a description in the box on the right of how that question will function in the quiz. Descriptions or instructions can be added by using the Description item in the Other area of the Choose a question type to add popup.
  4. Fill in the form associated with the question type you chose and provide Default points for the correct answer. Note: The Question name is to help you identify it from other questions and the Question text is what the actual question posed to student.
  5. Click Save changes, if you have finished editing the question. If you have a complex question, and want to view it as you edit, click Save changes and continue editing, then click the Preview link and you will see a popup of your question.

Managing your Question Bank

From the Questions area of the Question Bank you can view a table with your questions in each category (use the dropdown to Select a category) and move questions to different categories. In-line with each question name, you will find icons that will identify your options for managing each question.

Edit questions icons

  • Icon Definitions:
  • Edit: Allows the instructor to make revisions to a question.
  • Duplicate: Allows the instructor to make a copy of a quiz question.
  • Preview: Allows the instructor to view a question as if it were a student taking a Quiz in order to test it.
  • Delete: This icon removes a selected question. However, if a question you want to delete is being used in a Quiz activity or has been used in a student attempt, then the question cannot be deleted without deleting the Quizzes or student Quiz attempts currently using the question. You can also delete multiple quiz questions by selecting the check-boxes in-line with each quiz name and clicking Delete at the bottom of the page.

To Move a Quiz Question to another category, check the check box at the beginning of row with the quiz name. At the bottom of the screen, change the dropdown to the category into which you want to move the question. Click Move to.

Adding Questions to your quiz

Questions may be specified by the instructor, selected randomly by GauchoSpace, or both.

  1. If starting from the main course page, click Quizzes in the Activities block.
  2. Click the appropriate Quiz name.
  3. Once inside the Quiz, click Edit Quiz.
  4. Click Add. If you have already created a Question Bank of questions in the previous steps, you can select from question bank. If not you can select Add a new question to create a question not in your bank. Any questions you add here, will also be added into a specified Question Bank category for future use. You also have the choice of adding a random question from your Question Bank questions. This will allow each student to see a different question when taking your quiz.
  5. If you selected:

  • Add a new question, select a question type. Fill in the form associated with the question type you chose and provide default points for the correct answer. When finished, click Save changes. Click Save changes and continue editing, to access the Preview link for viewing your question. 
  • Add from Question Bank, the popup will ask you to Select a category containing the questions you want to add. The number next to the category name indicates the current number of questions contained within a given category. After selecting a category, you will see a display with all of the questions in that category with corresponding check-boxes. Check the questions you want to add. If necessary, click the Preview magnifying glass to see a full view of a question. When you have finished selecting your questions, click Add selected questions to the quiz. Repeat for any other categories.
  • Add a random question, the popup will direct you to pick a Category, whether you want to Include questions from subcategories too, and the Number of random questions wanted in the quiz. You can also choose to add a new category and a new random question to your Question Bank.

Previewing the Quiz

Before making a Quiz visible to students, you can preview it to experience the Quiz as a student would see it, as well as verify that questions are worded correctly, feedback is appropriate, and all other adjustments to Quiz and question settings are to your satisfaction. NOTE: Previewing will display the Quiz exactly as the student will see it, EXCEPT if you have turned on browser security, the security features will not be enabled in your preview. The Quiz will instead open in the same browser window and all keyboard/mouse activities will still be allowed (e.g., you will still be able to right-click to copy text).

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  2. In the Activities block, click Quizzes.
  3. Click the appropriate Quiz name.
  4. Once inside the Quiz, click Preview in the Quiz Administration block.
  5. You will now be taken into the quiz and can proceed through the questions and submitting your attempt.
  6. While previewing, you can click Edit question for any question to make any changes. When you click Save changes after editing the question, you will be returned to the Preview quiz.
  7. After submitting your Preview quiz, you will see the same final review screen as your students, including a points awarded for any automatically graded questions and feedback.
  8. Click Finish review and you will see a summary of your attempt, including your final grade. If there is you attempted an essay question, it will always show "Not yet graded" out of the maximum points possible.
  9. Preview quiz attempts are not saved.

To get the most accurate feel of the experience students will have when taking your quiz, we advise creating a "test student" account, which can then be added to your course site.

Grading and reviewing quiz results

Reviewing student Quiz results

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  2. In the Activities block, click Quizzes.
  3. Click the appropriate Quiz name.
  4. Once inside the Quiz, click Results in the Quiz Administration block. This will automatically take you to the Grades area of the quiz results.
  5. Here you will find a form to produce a report of your quiz results that will also show individual grades. Use the Attempts from dropdown to change whose results you want to view from your users (students). Click Show report if you make any changes to the What to include in the report form.
  6. After you have produced the report, you can download it in multiple formats, regrade individual or multiple quiz grades, delete selected attempts or review individual attempts. To regrade or delete, check the checkbox in-line with the student name. To review an attempt, click the review attempt link under the student's name.
  7. If the quiz includes an essay question, you will need to manually grade that item.

Manually grading essay questions

When your quiz includes an essay question, you will need to manually grade it in order for the final grade to be entered into the Gradebook. If a student attempts the essay question, they will see "Your final grade for this quiz is Not yet graded/'maximum points possible'" when they go to review their grade.

  1. In the Activities block, click Quizzes.
  2. Click the appropriate Quiz name.
  3. Once inside the Quiz, expand Results in the Quiz Administration block and click on Manual Grading.
  4. You will see a list of questions that need to be manually graded. Click on either grade or grade all to see a list of each question by student.
  5. On the grading page, you can enter the any comments and the points (grade) for each student.
  6. Click Save and go to next page when you have finished grading the essays on that page. Click Back to the list of questions to return to the Questions that need grading page.
  7. After you have finished grading all essay questions, you can view the final grade that will be added to the Gradebook by clicking on Grades in the Results area of the Quiz Administration block.

Other Grading situations

It is possible to change even automatically generated quiz grades by overriding a quiz grade. This can be useful when granting a student another attempt or to give a student the opportunity to "take" a missed quiz for review. You also have the ability to grant a student extended time on a quiz when you have added a time limit to a quizzes settings.

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