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Best Practices: Creating a Survey

Best Practice Scenarios

The Feedback Activity (survey) allows the instructor to solicit more detailed feedback from students, as one might seek on a survey or a mid/end-quarter course evaluation. There are some benefits and limitations to using this activity, for more information, jump to: Benefits and Limitations of the Feedback Activity. If you want to poll the students with a single question, the Choice Activity would work best: Best Practices: Creating a Poll.

The following are scenarios in which you would use the Feedback Activity in GauchoSpace.

  • You wish to conduct a mid- or end-of-term, informal evaluation of your class (or some aspect--teaching, materials, topics, readings, activities, etc.).
  • You wish to offer a suggestion box or anonymous reporting of bullying, concerns for peers, etc.
  • You wish to conduct an assessment of needs, survey of interests, or other open-ended feedback from participants in your course.

Adding a (basic) Feedback Activity

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site. Click Turn editing on.
  2. Select the week/section block in which you would like the activity and click Add an activity or resource.
  3. Select Feedback and click Add.
  4. Give the Feedback activity a name and description.
  5. If the Feedback activity will be anonymous, ensure that Anonymous is selected from the Record user names drop-down menu under the Question and submission settings section. This will prevent any activity relating to this Feedback Activity from being recorded in the course logs. 
  6. Provide a message that the students will see when they complete the feedback activity in the After Submission section.
  7. Click Save and display, if you plan to populate your feedback activity with questions.

Add questions to your Feedback Activity:

  1. Inside of your Feedback activity.
  2. Click the Edit questions tab.
  3. In the dropdown menu, select the type of question you wish to add to the activity.
    • You can organize your survey using labels and page breaks.
    • For questions, you have the choice of: longer text answer, multiple choice, multiple choice (rated), numeric answer, and short text answer.
  4. Edit the question settings, then click Save question.
  5. Repeat these steps until you have created all of the questions you wish to include in the Feedback activity.
  6. When you are finished adding questions, you may simply leave the module and return to your course.

Viewing and exporting the results of your Feedback Activity:

  1. In your course's GauchoSpace site, look for the Activities block.
  2. Click on Feedback, and select the Feedback activity you want to view.
  3. View Results: Response can be viewed from the Analysis tab as a graphical summary of all response or individually in the Show Responses tab.
  4. Export: Click on the Analysis tab and select Export to Excel to create an Excel spreadsheet of the data.
    1. When you open the Excel Spreadsheet that you just downloaded, you will see two tabs for the spreadsheet. The Survey will show an overview of your data and the detailed tab will show the data for each submission.

Benefits of the Feedback Activity:

  • As a reflective practice, instructors may use student feedback to make adjustments in instructional delivery, course activities, guest speakers, pacing, etc.
  • As a responsive teaching practice, instructors may use student feedback part-way through the term to address individual student concerns and issues.
  • As a formative assessment (assessment for learning), this tool can be used to informally assess student understanding of a topic or concept prior to or during instruction.
  • Feedback can be anonymous, if desired. See how to create an anonymous Feedback Activity.
  • Results of the survey can be restricted to instructors only, or they can be made visible to all participants in a class.
  • The Feedback tool offers a variety of question types, including multiple choice, yes/no, and open text fields.
  • Online record of student feedback on a course or topic. Responses can be exported to Excel.

Limitations of the Feedback Activity:

  • If not set up properly, students may see others’ responses.
  • If anonymity is enabled, it may be challenging to ensure that all students participate (i.e., instructors may not know who declined to participate).
  • Time consuming. The instructor has to set up the survey questions (and question types) in advance. However, the time to set up the feedback activity is comparable to setting up a quiz in GauchoSpace.
  • Many options for participation, question types, and analysis of results. While it may be beneficial to have so many options, it may also be confusing. Instructors should check their work to ensure that the module is set up exactly how they want it to look/function.
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