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How can I add a Twitter feed to my course site?

Some instructors would like to display a feed from Twitter directly in a course site. You are able to do this by first creating a twitter “widget” in your Twitter account settings, then copying the HTML code of that widget into GauchoSpace using the HTML block.

This will create a Twitter block on your course site.

Create a widget in Twitter:

  1. To create the widget, log in to Twitter and enter your account settings, then click on Widgets.
  2. Click Create new
  3. Next, you will decide what kind of Twitter feed you would like to have in your course site (Twitter will provide visual examples of each):
    1. "User Timeline" will display all the tweets from a chosen public Twitter account.
    2. "Favorites" will display the tweets from any public Twitter account that were marked as a favorite.
    3. "List" will display the tweets from the lists you have created on Twitter.
    4. "Search" will display the tweets that include a specific hashtags or word(s). Search is used to display all tweets related to an event or theme.
  4. Choose the type and click "Create widget."
  5. This will generate an HTML code. Copy that code so you can paste it into GauchoSpace.
  6. Once you have generated and copied this code, you will want to display it in your course site using an HTML block.

Display on your GauchoSpace site:

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  2. Turn editing on.
  3. On the lower right side of the site, find the Add a block dropdown menu and find HTML to add an HTML block.
  4. Your course will refresh and the new HTML block will be added to your site.
  5. Find the newly-added HTML block on the right side of the site and click the gear icon and select Configure (new HTML block) block in the list.
  6. In the block settings enter the a name for the block (e.g. "Twitter Feed"), then click the show more buttons icon, which is the first icon on the top row.
  7. Click the HTML button, which is labeled with an opening and closing tag in the bottom row of the text editor.
  8. This will change the view of the text editor to accept HTML code. Paste the code you copied from Twitter into this box. Click the Save changes.
  9. You will be taken to your course homepage, where the Twitter widget will appear in the side navigation of your site. To move it, just click and drag the box when editing is turned on.

Note: You can also add an HTML block to your My Home page using the same methods. Instead of Turning editing on to edit a course page, click on Customize this page to edit your My Home page.

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