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When can I create my course site for the upcoming quarter?

GauchoSpace has been designed to be as self-serve and automated as possible. After completing a one-time orientation, Instructors can create course sites for the upcoming quarter as soon as GauchoSpace gets the upcoming quarter data from the registrar.  This generally is on the first day of Pass 2 enrollment for that quarter (or by the beginning of May for Summer Sessions).

If you have not been trained, visit our GauchoSpace Orientation page for information about dates and times for training sessions.

We understand that some faculty want or need to work on preparing for their course before these pass 2 dates.  In those cases, we can create a "limited" sandbox site where you can prepare the site (but not add any other users). To request a sandbox site, please use the Course Request Manager. After the pass 2 date has been reached and you have created your official course site, you can then import materials from your sandbox site. 


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