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How can I reactivate my UCSBnetID to use GauchoSpace as an Instructor?

In order to use GauchoSpace as an instructor, you need to have an active UCSBnetID.

If you need to use GauchoSpace as an instructor but don't have an active UCSBnetID, please read this article and then contact your host department, directing them to this help page.

Some faculty who just teach one quarter a year, or every other quarter, end up having their UCSBnetID deactivated by UCSB business processes out of the control of the GauchoSpace service.  Often these business processes are related to payroll. 

If you want or need to use GauchoSpace during a period that you might not be an employee of the University, your host department will have to go through some steps to create or re-enable your UCSBnetID. The process they need to go through is outlined at the Identity Services website.

Here are some direct links:

The people in your department who can activate or create your UCSBnetID can be found here:

The instructions for them to create or re-enable a UCSBnetID can be found here:

Generally, you will be added into a "prehire" affiliation.

Once you have an active UCSBnetID, you will be able to log in to GauchoSpace.



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