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I am a new Instructor - what do I need to do to use GauchoSpace?

Below are some actions that need to occur before using GauchoSpace as an instructor.

  • Create or Activate your UCSBnetID: In order to use GauchoSpace as an instructor, you need to have an active UCSBnetID and password. You should be able to activate your UCSBnetID at this UCSB Identity and Directory Services help page. If you do not have an active UCSBnetID, you will need to get your department to either create one for you, or reactivate your old UCSBnetID; see this GauchoSpace help page.
  • Attend a GauchoSpace Orientation Session: To create your course site as an instructor, you will need to complete a one-time Introduction to GauchoSpace orientation. More information can be found at this GauchoSpace help page.
  • Become the Official Instructor of Record: Additionally, you will need to be listed as an Instructor of Record for the course(s) you are teaching. You can log in to E-grades to verify that you have been assigned to your courses. If you are not listed as Instructor of Record, you should contact your department staff for assistance.


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