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How do I make my GauchoSpace course site visible or invisible to students?

When you are ready to activate your site for the quarter, use the following steps to make it available (visible) to students:

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  2. In the Administration block click Edit Settings.


     3.  Under the General Tab, find the setting option labeled Visible (third row down), and choose "Show."



      4.  Click Save and display at the bottom.


From time to time, you may wish to hide hide your course site. This can be be useful when students are taking an in-class exam. To hide your site repeat the same process as above, but for step 3, change the drop-down to "hide." Just remember that you will need to go back in and make the course visible again to allow students to see the course.

If you are working on the gradebook and do not wish students to have access while you are doing so, you do not need to hide the entire course, but can instead hide the gradebook by following these directions: hide grades link from students.






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