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How do I get help using GauchoSpace?

There are a number of ways to seek help for GauchoSpace. Technical help can be found by attending an orientation session, searching this Help Center, by submitting a Help Ticket, or through the Faculty Resource Center's GauchoSpace Drop-In Support. Pedagogical or instructional support can be found through Instructional Development. Below is more information on each of these options:

  • Attend an Orientation Session: There are a number of options for attending a orientation session. Visit the orientation page on this site for more information on introductory training. For further assistance after this orientation, see the support options below.
  • Search the Help Center: Searching the Help Center for an answer is the recommended first option for seeking help. Many of the common questions can be quickly answered through a quick search.
  • Submit a Help Ticket: When you submit a help ticket please be thorough in your explanation of the issue you have. We will answer your help ticket within 8 hours during normal UCSB business hours.
  • Faculty Resource Center Drop-In Support: If you prefer in-person communication and support, please join us for Drop-In support. Drop-in support is also recommended for questions that require a high degree of visual communication, such as how to organize the gradebook. Drop-in hours for GauchoSpace assistance may be accessed by visiting the Faculty Resource Center:

Drop-In Hours

 Collaborate Faculty Resource Center (Kerr Hall 1110)

Monday - Friday

10:00am - 4:00pm

  • Instructional Development Support: If you are looking for pedagogical or instructional consultation, UCSB's department of Instructional Development can help. Please visit the Instructional Development website for more information on how to find consultation support.
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