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Students: How do I access a GauchoSpace course site as a crasher?

If you are not officially enrolled in a course via GOLD, then the course Instructor may enroll you in his/her course as a course crasher. The course crasher role is for students who are not enrolled through GOLD, but they need all of the same privileges as an enrolled student. Instructors control the addition of students as course crashers into their course site, therefore, you must contact the course Instructor for information on how to enter his/her site as a course crasher.

Note: Students assigned the course crasher role may be manually enrolled by the instructor or they can enroll themselves with or without an enrollment key.

Note: Only UCSB students may be assigned the course crasher role. If you are not a registered student and you would like access to an Instructor's course site, then you should be added to the course as a non-UCSB student.


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