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How do I create an online text assignment in GauchoSpace?

Overview: An online text assignment allows the Instructor to provide a link to the assignment in any week/block, provide an assignment prompt, and asks students/participants to submit work within the rich text editor found in GauchoSpace rather than uploading a document.
  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site. 
  2. Click Turn editing on
  3. Locate the week/topic where you want the assignment to appear, click Add an activity or resource and select Assignment. Click Add.
  4. You must enter an Assignment name (this will be the link the participant sees). Entering text in the Description area is helpful, but not required (this will be the assignment prompt/directions for the participant).
  5. Configure Availability settings as desired.
  6. To create an online text assignment, scroll to Submission types and check Online text as shown in the image below. Note: The default submission type allows users to upload files. If you only want students to have the option to submit an online text, uncheck the File submissions box.

  7. To impose a word limit, enter the number desired and check the Enable box next to the Word limit field, as shown in the image above.
  8. Click Save and return to course.
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