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How do activities such as assignments interact with the gradebook?

Graded activities in GauchoSpace such as Assignments and Quizzes automatically send grades to the gradebook. Each time an assignment or a quiz is graded within the activity itself, the grade is recorded and available to students in the activity and in the gradebook.

If you need to change a grade for a student within an activity, the best method is usually to enter the activity and change the grade. When an instructor does this, the grade is automatically updated in the gradebook.

Alternatively, instructors have the ability to 'override' the grade being sent from the activity to the gradebook. To do this the instructor can enter the Grader report, turn editing on, and override the grade by inputting a new grade. Instructors are also able to override a grade by importing a spreadsheet and also in Single view.

When an instructor chooses one of the above routes, the grade can no longer be updated within the activity, and the grade cell in the gradebook will turn to a gold color and in the Single View interface the 'Override' check-box will be selected. The student will see the overridden grade when viewing his/her grades (the student will not know the grade has been overridden).

Additionally, instructors have the ability to lock grades for an activity or a grade item (for one student or the entire class). To easily do this, instructors need to change their gradebook preferences to see a padlock icon that indicates whether a grade is locked or not. To change your preference go to Gradebook setup > My preferences: Grader report > Show Locks > Yes.

Once the preferences have been changed, an instructor can lock grades by entering the gradebook, turning editing on, and clicking the padlock icon. If the padlock icon is closed, this means that the grade is locked and it cannot be updated until it is unlocked. To unlock the grade item, click the padlock icon and it should show an unlocked padlock.

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