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How do I edit my GauchoSpace profile?

You can edit your profile to include a profile photo, include a description of yourself, change email settings and list any interests you have.

1. Log in to GauchoSpace.

2. From your Dashboard, click edit my profile.

3. To make changes to your profile, click on the corresponding field.

4. To upload a photo, in the User Picture section drag and drop your photo into the designated New picture section.

Note: Only one profile picture can be added at once. If you would like to change your profile picture from an older profile picture, you must delete the original profile picture from your GauchoSpace profile before adding the new one. 

5. You cannot change your name within GauchoSpace. Your name is populated from another University database. To change how your first name is displayed you must access your identity through the directory editor. Once you login, you may change the Commonly Used First Name field.

6. Scroll to the bottom and click Update profile.




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