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Allow all GauchoSpace users access to your course site

To allow all GauchoSpace users to view your course materials, such as when you have a long waitlist, follow the instructions below. We generally recommend that you turn off guest access a few days after add codes have been distributed.  Note: There is no longer a "Guest Access" setting in the main course "Edit Settings"

1. Go to the Administration block and click Users to show a list of user options.
2. Click on Enrollment methods.

3. There is an option for Guest access within Enrollment methods. Click on the eye to unhide the option to grant guess access. Click on the gear icon to edit the settings for your Guest Access, such as adding a password for access.

4. There is now an option to select Guest access under Users in the Administration block, if you want to make any changes to the settings or disable Guest Access.

Note: Granting Guest access will allow your site to be visible to waitlisted students. You can also allow crashing students to enroll into your course site if you would like them to participate in discussion forums and upload assignments.

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