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How do I add a non-UCSB participant to my GauchoSpace course site?

Please note: Only participants with the following account credentials are able to add non-UCSB users.

Instructor of Record
Attended an orientation
Employee of UCSB
Using UCSBnetID to access GauchoSpace

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  2. In the UCSB Course Tools block click Add User/Assign Roles.
  3. Click Add Non-UCSB User.
  4. Enter the Email, First Name, and Last Name of the person you wish to add making sure there are no spelling errors. Type out the email and make sure there are no extra spaces before or after it.
  5. Select a role for the Non-UCSB User by selecting either Student or Course Visitor.
  6. Click the Add Non-UCSB User button.

GauchoSpace will now send an email to the address you provided. The Non-UCSB User will need to open the email and follow a link to confirm that the email address is valid. He or she will then be asked by GauchoSpace to create a password.

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