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Instructors: I can't see my GauchoSpace course site

Where Sites are Listed: All course sites for which you are the Instructor of Record and you have created (see How to Create my GauchoSpace Course Site for more information) should be available to you under UCSB Course Overview after you have logged in to GauchoSpace.

Why a Site Might not be Appearing: If you are looking to create a new course site and you do not see it in your list of My courses and it is not available to be made from the Course Site Creator, it is likely that one of these problems has occurred:

  • Orientation Session: You have not attended an orientation session.
  • Official Instructor of Record: You are not the official Instructor of Record.
  • Older Site: The site you are looking for is older and is not on the current server

Possible Solutions: Below are some of the possible ways to make a site available for your course.

  • Attend a GauchoSpace Orientation Session: Please see our GauchoSpace Orientation Sessions page to find the schedule of upcoming training sessions.
  • Become the Instructor of Record: If you are trained and still do not see your course in the Course Site Creator Block, please check the UCSB Schedule of Classes site to see if you are listed as the instructor of record. If you are not, contact the Office Administrator for your department to see if you are marked as the Instructor of Record and request to be added.
  • Find an Older Site on our Archive Server: If you would like to visit a course site that was created between the Spring of 2011 and the Fall of 2013, visit our server for 2011-2013 site archive server. If you would like to see a course site that was created prior to Spring 2011, please visit our pre-2011 archive server.
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