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How to Analyze Quiz Results

Your quiz results will produce many quiz and question statistics. This page describes the meanings of those statistics. 

To access the statistics for your quiz, navigate to the quiz in your course site. Under the Administration block, select Results and then Statistics.



  • How many students attempted this question

Facility index:

  • The percentage of students that answered the question correctly

Standard deviation:

  • How much variation there was in the scores for this question

Random guess score:

  • The score the student would get by guessing randomly

Intended/Effective weight:

  • Intended weight is simply what you set up when editing the quiz. If question 1 is worth 3 marks out of a total of 10 for the quiz, the the intended weight is 30%. The effective weight is an attempt to estimate, from the results, how much of the actual variation was due to this question. So, ideally the effective weights should be close to the intended weights.

Discrimination index:

  • This is the correlation between the score for this question and the score for the whole quiz. That is, for a good question, you hope that the students who score highly on this question are the same students who score highly on the whole quiz. Higher numbers are better.

Discriminative efficiency:

  • Another measure that is similar to Discrimination index.
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