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Remove an account from Apple Mail

This will completely delete an email address and email account from the Mac, including all settings for the email account, and removing all associated emails from the Mail app in Mac OS X.

    1. Pull down the Apple menu and choose ‘System Preferences’
    2. Choose “Internet Accounts”

Choose Internet Accounts in System preferences

      3. Select the email account you want to delete from the Mac from the list

Select and delete the email account in question from Internet accounts in Mac OS X

4 .With the email account selected, click the [-] minus button (or hit the Delete key on the keyboard)

5. Confirm that you want to remove the email account AND all of it’s associated emails and account settings from the Mac, including from the Mail application

Confirm removal of email account from Mac and all emails in Mail app

6. The account will disappear from the list and all associated emails and settings from the email address will also vanish. You can repeat with other email accounts as necessary




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