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Using the PrintSpot

Enrolled students are allotted 200 black-and-white prints per quarter to use for their academic printing needs at any of the PrintSpot locations. A "print" is considered one printed side of a piece of paper, so a double-sided printed paper will count as two prints.

PrintSpot does not have the ability to charge for excess printing and prints do not roll-over to subsequent quarters. Fee-based printing exists at the UCSB Library or UCen Alternative Digital Printing. 

To use the PrintSpot:

  1. Go to one of the Collaborate Student Support Center's Open Access Labs.
  2. Pull up your document on one of our open lab computers.
    1. You cannot print directly from a personal laptop computer.
    2. To access the document, you can upload it to Box and then log in to your Box account on our lab computer.
  3. Print the document (File> Print). Set the printing settings according to your desire (Double-sided, layout, etc.).
    1. If printing from the Internet browser (from email, Google drive, etc.), download the document to the desktop first.
  4. Take note of your computer number, marked with a label on the computer monitor. 
  5. Go to the print station computer and log in with your UCSBnetID and password. 
  6. Select your document by identifying the computer number and document name. 
  7. Go to the corresponding printer (print station A-> printer A) to find your print job.
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