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Spam Filtering

How to Block Unwanted Senders

  1. Sign into U-Mail WebAccess, click on the 'Settings' gear icon  in the top-right.
  2. Search for "Block or Allow" in the search box.
  3. Add the email addresses of the spam e-mail senders to the appropriate box under the section labeled "blocked senders" and click "" icon. Make sure to click the Save icon at the top once you're done adding all the senders you would like to filter out.
  4. To remove a sender from the "blocked senders" list, simply highlight the contact and click the Trash


How to Filter Unwanted E-mails


  1. Click the 'Settings' gear icon in the top-right, then search for "Inbox Rules."
  2. Click the  icon to create a new rule.  
  3. This will open a new menu, with the following options for customization as you see fit.
  4. In the Name box, specify a name for the rule.
  5. Under the message arrival section, you can filter out emails from text in the subject or the body.
  6. If you choose to filter out emails based on the words found in the subject or body of the email, another window will pop-up where you can specify words that might be found in those unwanted emails. To add a word/phrase, simply type it in and click "" icon. To remove a word/phrase, highlight it and click the Trash icon.
  7. You can then choose to filter out the emails by either deleting them or moving them to a different folder. After you are done selecting your preferences, remember to hit Save.


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