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Troubleshooting Vacation Automatic Replies

To ensure that your vacation notifications are working, note that you cannot have BOTH Automatic replies enabled AND email forwarding enabled. One must be disabled.

If you absolutely need both Automatic replies AND forwarding, you need to create an inbox rule:

  1. First, create and enable your Automatic reply message.
  2. Disable your email forwarding.
    1. Click the cog wheel image in the top-right, then search for "forwarding."
    2. In the forwarding section, erase the forwarding email address.
    3. Click “save.
  3. Create an inbox rule for both Automatic replies and forwarding.
    1. Click the 'Settings' gear icon in the top-right, then search for "Inbox Rules".
    2. Click the  icon to create a new rule.  
    3. This will open a new menu, with the following options.
    4. In the Name box, specify a name for the rule.
    5. Under When the Message Arrives, select Apply to all messages.
    6. Under Do all of the following, point to Move, copy or delete, and then select Copy the Message to the Folder.
    7. This will open a pop-up box allowing you to select a folder; select Inbox
    8. Select the Add Action box, navigate to Forward, Redirect, or Send.
    9. Under Forward the Message to, select the Contact that the e-mail should be forwarded to. You may need to search for the Contact or create a new one.
    10. Click Save.

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