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Getting a U-Mail Account

U-Mail accounts are eligible for activation about a week after the Registrar's Office has processed your Statement of Intent to Register. UCSB Extension Open University students are eligible to activate their accounts only after we've receive registration information from the Extension offices.

Once you're eligible, you can activate your account by going to and clicking ‘U-Mail Webaccess.’ To activate your account you'll need a UCSBnetID, which you can get from UCSB Identity Services.

Your U-Mail address is your UCSBnetID followed by and the password is the same as the one for your UCSBNetID.

Accessing your U-Mail account:

  1. Go to: and click the "U-Mail WebAccess" button or go to
  2. Enter your entire email address which is your
  3. Enter your UCSBNetID password you created when activating your UCSBNetID


U-Mail is an Enterprise Technology Services service for which Collaborate offers student support. For the latest information about U-Mail see:



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